A chalet for your holiday

Véronique and Yves are the ones behind the holiday cottage “Gîte Martin”. For them, this chalet means much more than a holiday cottage. It is indeed a part of their lives for decades!

The crush in 1983

Everything begins for Véronique at the age of 16. At this time, she discovered for the first time this chalet lost in the region of Dinant. Her desire for adventure and discovery made her fall in love with this authentic chalet. But, at this moment, she still didn’t know that it will follow the rhythm of her adult life…

The life in the chalet

When she entered the working life, Véronique started looking for an accommodation. Naturally, she thought about the chalet that has never left her heart since its discovery 5 years earlier.

So, she took the direction of Dinant and, good news: it was still for sale! Without any hesitation, she bought the chalet and came there to live. It will be her main residence for 5 years until she met Yves, her future husband.

In the beginning of their common life, Véronique and Yves lived in the chalet in Dinant only during the week-ends to relax after long and hard workweeks.

The reluctantly separation

You have now understood it: the chalet was initially not intended to be a holiday cottage in Dinant but the main, and then second, residency of Véronique and Yves.

After several years coming to the chalet every week-end, their work and children growing up let them too little time to take care and enjoy the chalet. In 2006, they decided to sell with regret their beautiful cottage in Dinant.

The years go by but the couple don’t forget the chalet and the wonderful time they shared in family within. You can probably imagine their pain when they learned in 2018 that their old chalet has been abandoned for 8 years!

The transfromation in a holiday cottage

Deeply saddened by the disastrous state of the chalet, they decided to make everything to recover it. Then, they completely refurbish it and remove the nature that has reasserted itself. But what are they going to do now with the chalet? Use it as second residency to come and relax? Yes, but not only!

In fact, another project came to their minds: Enable other ones to enjoy the tranquility and authenticity of this cosy cottage. This is how it became a holiday cottage in Dinant and how the Gîte Martin was born!